Somerset Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine

Somerset Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine
Somerset Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine  

We provide complete pulmonary function testing. Pulmonary function testing is very important in
assessing the functional status of the lungs as it relates to:

  • How much air can be moved in and out of the lungs
  • How fast the air in the lungs can be moved in and out
  • How stiff are the lungs and chest wall - compliance of the lungs
  • The diffusion characteristics of the membrane through which oxygen passes

Pulmonary Function Test are indicated for the following reasons: Somerset NJ Pulmonary Function Testing

  1. Screening for obstructive or restrictive lung diseases
  2. Evaluating the patient prior to surgery - this especially applies
    to patients who:
    - are older than 60 years old
    - are known to have lung disease
    - are morbidly obese
    - have a history of smoking, coughing, or wheezing
    - will be under anesthesia for a prolonged period of time
    - are undergoing and abdominal or chest operation
  3. Documenting the progression of lung disease
  4. Documenting the effectiveness of therapeutic intervention


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